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Sayge Carroll, a seasoned artist and advocate, has been building the bonds of community through artistry for over two decades. Carroll recently earned an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art and Social Practice from the University of Minnesota, complementing their BA from the same institution. Through a dynamic blend of visual art, sound design, and civic engagement, Carroll has dedicated their career and life to weaving together ancestral wisdom, lineage, and the wisdom of natural resources with our contemporary world. 


Carrolls artistry extends beyond the confines of traditional arts spaces, as they strive to engage with people within the context of their daily lives and communities. Notably in 2000 Carroll established “Women of Color Artist Gathering” to offer a space in the Twin Cities where we could workshop or exhibit work by artists of color. In 2015 Carroll established "Art Church," a non-religious community art access program. The following year marked the inception of their annual "Harvest Feast," a community gathering located just blocks from George Floyd Square. Carroll's unique touch extends to crafting the ceramic dishes upon which neighbors dine, with attendees having the privilege of taking these handmade pieces home. Over six years, Harvest Feast has united five hundred individuals in celebration.


In 2022, Sayge Carroll joined forces with fellow artists Katrina Knutson and Keegan Xaví to co-found Mudluk Pottery, a vibrant studio and gallery situated in South Minneapolis. This collaborative venture offers a dynamic platform for artist to delve into creative exploration and expression, both within the realm of clay and beyond. 

 *Photo credit Michele Spaise

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