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Artist and advocate Sayge Carroll has been tending the soil of community through art for more than 20 years. Carroll is a recent graduate of University of Minnesota MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Social Practice and holds a BA from the University of Minnesota. Carroll is currently enrolled in the Master Gardener program at the University of Minnesota.Through visual art, sound design and civic engagement Carroll has devoted their career and life work to connecting ancestral wisdom, lineage and knowledge of natural resources to the present.


In their public art and events, Carroll works outside traditional art spaces to reach people in the context of their lives and communities. Their large-scale sculptural installation Building Worlds (2021) was activated by Artists Keegan Xavi, Lela Pierce, Davu Seru and Douglas Ewart inspired by our city’s bounty of black cultural ambassadors.


In 2015, Carroll founded Art Church, a non-religious community art access program. In 2016 Carroll began their first “Harvest Feast”, a community meal and annual celebration located two blocks from George Floyd Square. Carroll creates the ceramic dishes neighbors dine on and they can take them home after the event. In the course of six years, Harvest Feast has convened five hundred people. In 2020, Carroll’s handcrafted instruments and soundscape compositions were featured in an Augmented Reality installation for the Twin Cities Northern Light Festival. In 2021, Carroll and fellow artist Katrina Knutson opened a studio and gallery “Hamden Bend” in St. Paul. Carroll lives with their son Morgan Laramy and their dog Wolfy. Carroll and their Colleague Katrina Knutson have just recently opened the Hampden Bend studio and gallery in St. Paul. Carroll lives with their son Morgan Laramy and their dog Wolfy.  *Photo credit Steve Allen

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